Interested in Volunteering with the Upper Room? Looking for a meaningful way to invest in others and stay connected with the community? Why not contact us today? At the Upper Room, we are always looking for energetic, encouraging volunteers to join our team. Use the form below to connect immediately! A team member will reach back out to you within the week.

Please fill out the form below as completely as possible. We will follow up, requesting further information and references after we receive this form.

Volunteers must agree to the following statements, along with the policies outlined in the volunteer manual (Which you will receive after submitting this form).

will not give rides to any Upper Room attendee.

will not give money to an Upper Room attendee.

will not take unfair advantage of any relationship related to the Upper Room or exploit others to further my personal, religious, political, or business interests.

will act as a member of the Upper Room team responsible for accomplishing the mission of the agency.